Tuition & fees

Tuition is due on the 1st of the month!

There will be a $15 late fee if tuition not paid by the 7th of the month. 

$25 fee for returned checks

Monthly Tuition

One Class - $65 per dancer

Two Classes - $120 per dancer

Three Classes - $150 per dancer

Four Classes - $180 per dancer

Dance Your Heart Out (Unlimited) - $200 per dancer

Registration Fee - $25 per dancer per year*

Sibling Discount - $5 off one class

Private Lessons - $30 per 1/2 hour

Drop-In Class Fee - $15 per class (must be a registered dancer)

Trial Class Fee - $20 per class (will be used towards tuition if dancer signs up within 30 days)

Prices are for Fall 2023/Spring 2024. 

*Dance year runs from August through June.

There are no make-up classes offered and we do not pro-rate the month if a dancer is absent. If a dancer is absent for more than two consecutive classes without contact, their spot in class will become available.